"Through intuition and experimentation, I create mixed-media works that reflect my experiences and emotions, inviting viewers to explore their own thoughts and feelings."

The Artist

Brent Wiersma is a Dutch/English contemporary artist who creates mixed-media works, mainly ceramic sculptures and paintings. He often uses abstract, organic forms with diverse color palettes that reflect his experiences during creation. Brent experiments with materials such as paint, medium, and size, allowing intuition to guide him towards creating ambiance and symbolism. His works often reflect themes like self-expression, mental health, disabilities, and social-political issues. In his ceramic work, Brent visualizes his idea on paper before modeling, then makes color sketches to determine the final colors of the sculpture. For paintings, he likes to create based on intuition, allowing his hands to create what they want, using mixed media techniques such as embroidery, modeling paste, sand, and different painting techniques. Brent’s approach provides creative freedom and allows him to experiment with different materials, resulting in expressive and thought-provoking works.

Serie - "Masking Through Life" 2022

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